DKAN listed as suggested open data tool by U.S. Project Open Data

DKAN has been listed by Project Open Data as a suggested tool for U.S. federal government agencies to use when implementing their open government efforts.

From “Project Open Data: Open Data Policy — Managing Information as an Asset“:

This section is a list of ready-to-use solutions or tools that will help agencies jump-start their open efforts. These are real, implementable, coded solutions that were developed to significantly reduce the barrier to implementing open data at your agency.

4-13 DKAN – An open data portal modeled on CKAN. DKAN is a stand alone Drupal distribution that allows anyone to spin up an open data portal in minutes as well as two modules, DKAN Dataset and DKAN Datastore, that can be added to existing Drupal sites to add data portal functionality to an exist Drupal site.

Learn more about DKAN and our hosting and service options, NuData.

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