New Feature Alert: DKAN Workflow

In the latest version of DKAN, we’ve added a feature called Workflow. Workflow makes it possible to moderate content with a large team of contributors managing data on a DKAN site. This ensures that a large number of data providers are able to contribute data without needing to compromise data quality.

DKAN roles and permissions just got easier in the latest release

Your website is a great resource for your stakeholders to see the hard work of your organization as well as access important, relevant information. Site visitors should be able to easily navigate the site to find what they are looking for as well as learn about your efforts. The balance between providing thorough information while promoting the most timely and pertinent is an ongoing consideration in managing web content. It takes a team of people working together by playing individual roles that contribute to a larger effort to have a successful site. On a website, roles categorize types of users and the associated permissions determine what that user type is allowed to do and see behind the scenes. It’s the site administrator who sets up a site initially. This role generally falls to a highly technical user, and site administrators have every permission possible. But this person won’t necessarily be involved in the daily management of a website. It’s the site manager who works hands-on with keeping the site up and running, including bringing in new people on the team. Many different people with different backgrounds and levels of knowledge working on the same website…it’s no great mystery why roles and permissions are necessary, but it’s also easy for these to quickly get out of control. Previous versions of DKAN had only very basic roles and left the site administrator to define and customize roles and permissions as a starting point.   While this was great for making data portals individualized for specific organizations, we realized there was a growing need for consistent, standardized roles and permissions for DKAN...

FedScoop features NuCivic

FedScoop featured NuCivic in a recent article, “Behind the scenes of 18F’s agile contract,” focused on 18F’s new blanket purchase agreement for a federal marketplace for agile delivery services. features NuCivic featured NuCivic in a recent article, “10 organizations that open sourced (at least a part of) their platforms.” We’re excited to be listed first in an esteemed group of open source platform leaders.