The nü standard in civic technology

The nü standard in civic technology

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We build and maintain agile, scalable, sustainable solutions to meet the needs of today’s civic IT innovators.


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Meet DKAN, the all-in-one open data platform.

Our Open Philosophy

We are in an important wave of government IT innovation — one that combines open source projects with software-as-a-service to provide superior enterprise technology alternatives for public sector organizations worldwide.

We call this “OpenSaaS” — open source software that is also available as software-as-a-service.

One of government technology’s “hot companies to watch”

– Federal Computer Week

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Now you can preview data with external tools on DKAN

Now you can preview data with external tools on DKAN

With the release of DKAN 7.x-1.10 we’re shipping a new feature called “External Previews”. This feature allows users to preview a wider range of data formats with specialized external tools, integrated seamlessly with DKAN.

Press features NuCivic featured NuCivic in a recent article, “10 organizations that open sourced (at least a part of) their platforms.” We’re excited to be listed first in an esteemed group of open source platform leaders.

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